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When the coast was clear at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Sherman and company took the opportunity to sneak into the stadium and thanks to Phineas and Ferb, they turned on the lights so that way they could see in the stadium. And on the field, they saw a certain group of kids.

"Okay, the stadium's set!" Zeke then said.

"Excellent work, guys!" Sherman said.

"Alright, come on, guys! December will be here before you know it!" Penny called out.

"You heard her, J.Ju! Let's do this!" Zeke then said.

Gompers then bleated as he ran onto the field while rolling a ball onto the field.

"Hey, Gompers, lookin' good!" Sherman said. Then, the Eds came by with a pile of Legos.

"Good work, guys!" Penny then said, before being whacked by accident by Ed's huge pile of Legos. She got back up, and said, "Very impressive, Ed."

"I can hardly wait!" Jimmy Pesto Jr. said, excitedly, while he walked towards the wrong way.

"You're going into the New England Patriots endzone, Jimmy Junior." Sherman said.

"Oh, sorry!" Jimmy Jr. said, before heading the right way.

"Hurry up!" Danielle whined as she helped Gumball carry the chalkboard.

"Yes, dear." Gumball then said.

"My arms are getting tired." Dani said, exhaustedly, before they all noticed Gene on a wheelbarrow watching the Dark Knight Trilogy while some of Wagstaff gets the props.

"Ey! What do you think you're doing?" Gumball asked, annoyed.

"Eh, I'm supervisor." Gene nonchalantly said, shrugging.

"Alright, keep it movin', keep it goin'!" Sherman said.

"Look out, cowboy! Yee-Haw!" Cindy said, while bouncing on a pogo stick, much to the surprise of Sherman and Penny.

"Whoa, Cindy!?" Sherman said, surprised. Penny chuckled.

The kids were done with what they were doing, trying to make a replica of the Toy Story 3 logo, but judging by what it looks like, it looks like a bunch of toys and games to make the logo.

"Not too shabby, huh? Look at this! I told you it would look great!" Sherman said.

"And you guys were were worried!" Penny said, before bumping into Jimmy Neutron by accident.

"Oh, sorry about that." Jimmy said.

"Jimmy? Where have you been?" Penny asked.

"Sorry, Penny, Danny and I have been up all night working on something," Jimmy said, satisfied. He motions and shows his friends a floating exact replica of the Toy Story 3 logo, gigantic and shining like no tomorrow. The kids were surprised as they went over to it.

"Aw, it's nothin' really. You'd have no idea what I used to make it look futuristic." Jimmy said, smiling. Penny was clearly jealous.

Penny scoffs, "At least ours can light up."

"Woah, woah!" Jimmy said, clapping. The lights went out, but the logo brightened and glowed in the dark.

Penny and Sherman felt a slight tad of jealousy.

"Well, that's just great." Sherman scoffs, rolling his eyes.

-Later, during the Super Bowl-

"Sherman, come on. You try it!" Jimmy insisted.

"Okay, fine." Sherman said, annoyed. He then yanked on a rope, unveiling a banner that says: "Bearquarter's Toy Story 3! Kicking off this Christmas".

"Attaboy! That's impressive!" Jimmy said.

"Yeah, I guess it looks really nice." Penny replied.

"I've couldn't have done it better myself." Jimmy said, before he pressed a button in his pocket which caused the stadium screen to say the same thing, but with impressive Computer Graphics.

"I saw that!!!!!!" Penny scolded Jimmy, much to the Boy Genius' embarrassment.
We're getting closer!
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